Foreclosure Defense

Mortgage foreclosure has become an all too common event in recent years. Defense of foreclosure cases is difficult because the reality is that most individuals facing foreclosure did in fact default on their mortgage. Moreover, because of job loss, reduced income, illness, etc., many individuals have no ability to cure the default in order to keep their home. Government plans to provide foreclosure relief often are not suitable. Richard L. Hirsh, P.C. has developed litigation strategies to enable its clients to remain in their homes for extended periods of time. This allows for children to complete school for example, or for individuals to accumulate resources before they must move. Under certain circumstances the firm has actually been able to prevail in foreclosure cases, although that is a rare occurrence.

Oftentimes these goals are accomplished in conjunction with Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief. For example, if your second mortgage is in default, it is sometimes possible to strip that mortgage off your property in Chapter 13. Or, a chapter 7 case can be strategically filed to extend your stay in the home after litigation efforts to come to an end.